How to Successfully Start and Grow a Vacation Rental Business:

This website was developed for Start Up Vacation Rental Owners to help answer some basic questions about how to start a vacation rental business and succeed in the business of owning, maintaining and managing one or several vacation rental home properties.

For the vacation rental home owners that have no interest in the management aspect of vacation rental business, there are plenty of accredited management companies that are experienced, well trained and capable of the job; but as the vacation rental property owner, this website contains valuable information that pertains to the non-management aspects of owning a vacation home as well.

Whichever you are, I sincerely hope that this website will answer a lot of your questions and help be your guide to success.

Competition in the Vacation Rental Business:

Let's face it, there's no such thing as a business without competition.  However, competition isn't always a bad thing. It can be a good thing and work in your favor if you have the right tools and know-how to stand out from your competition.

Like we, as individuals, our vacation rental homes have a personality and will attract guests with similar personalities, likes, dislikes & needs. With this in mind, decorate your vacation home in a manner that is pleasing, comfortable and feels like home. Supplying everyday items such as toiletries, laundry soap, aluminum foil, spices, coffee, tea etc. is equally as important to help create that sense of "home" not to mention convenience for your guests.

Doing these things successfully will be key factors in getting coveted Word-of-Mouth Advertising and Repeat Guests.

However, don't be fooled into thinking that that's all it takes! Staying on top of inquiries from potential guests is just as important. Check out The Fifth Step under the Do it Yourself page for more information.

Sharing Ideas in Vacation Rental Forums: 

Although this website will help answer a lot of questions, there is no way to cover them all. Fortunately for us, there are also Vacation Rental forums that contain useful information on everything from what to do when you have a disgruntled guest, to finding the preferred/top rated credit cards processing companies, to how to get stains out of carpet.

Public Knowledge about Vacation Rentals: 

Vacation Rental Homes & Condos are becoming more and more popular with families and business travelers everyday and in most cases, once a family or business traveler stays in a Vacation Rental home or condo they don't go back to staying in hotels. Go to the VR Speak page to read about President Obama's recent stay at a VR home in Hawaii!

The more the public hears about Vacation Rentals, the more business we will all get! It is up to us to make it a positive experience

I wish you all the best!!

Kristie Kliese

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